About me

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Dieter Gobeyn. I’m a Freelance Integration Consultant with a strong focus on Microsoft technology – including Microsoft BizTalk, SQL Server,  PowerBi, and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, the broad spectrum of communication has always had a large appeal on me and so, from the very start of my career, I stepped into the world of integration consultancy. As an integration fanatic, I have a broad knowledge of and experience with the Microsoft stack, but specialized myself in the topics related to integration, data processing, and API management with mainly Microsoft technology.

Extensive Track Record in Application Integration

This means I analyze, develop, and review the integration needs of various customers. EAI/B2B, ESB, custom framework development, architecture, installation….a very challenging business that keeps on expanding!

A few of the items that I realized in the past:

  • Full stack installation of clustered integration environment (BizTalk, SQL cluster, Appfabric,…)
  • Coaching an integration development team as lead developer
  • Business report generation via PowerBi
  • Mapping a software design as technical architect to support development team and improve codebase
  • Integration software development with Microsoft BizTalk, WCF and SQL server
  • Review, improve and performance tuning of ESB environment
  • API management using the technologies Nevatech Sentinet and CA Api gateway

Public Speaker

Curious to explore how all of this could benefit your enterprise? Looking for someone to walk your company through the finest details? Book me as a public speaker! I’d be more than happy to share my experience and knowledge with you  – and this, of course, tailored to your audience and level of expertise. All you have to do, is get in touch!

Sports Enthusiast

Next to being an integration and technology fan, I’m also a sports enthusiast and love triathlon: a combination of swimming, cycling and running. One of my life goals is to successfully finish the famous Ironman Triathlon! To do so, one needs to swim 3.86 km, cycle 180.25 km and run 42.20 km one after the other. One of my biggest heroes in life is Frederik Van Lierde, a Belgium triathlete, who became world champion triathlon in 2013.

Let’s get in touch!

For more information, I kindly invite you to connect on TwitterLinkedIn, Stack Overflow or Instagram.
Or simply contact me through this website!


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