Visualize Azure Metrics into Power Bi Real-Time Streaming Service

Real-time information is hot and trendy! As part of the operational environment, you want to gather information on the health and performance as soon as possible. Azure Monitoring Service can deliver the data one needs in the blink of an eye. In one of my previous blog posts on Azure Monitoring Service, I explained how to utilize and integrate metrics in the Azure dashboard. Thanks to the metrics’ extensibility, you can stream this information directly to Power Bi. The big advantage? This information now becomes available in the reporting tool Power Bi, typically used to create an application reporting dashboard. Technical and business information can be brought together in Power Bi, thus providing even more analysis insight.

Performance Monitoring: The Diagnostic Lifecycle

Many IT divisions and administrators of companies struggle answering questions such as: Is your current infrastructure still capable to handle the load from years ago and deliver the same performance? What is the maximum amount of capacity your severs can handle? Where do you feel bottlenecks or pain points today in system’s or application’s performance? What is the long-term growth and usage of your applications servers? If you cannot answer half of the questions based on data provided by a monitoring system, it would be a good idea to consider and set up fine-tuned diagnostics tools for your system administrators. This will improve your capacity planning and help you identify bottlenecks, including disk latencies, IIS web call performance, and SQL deadlocks.

Azure Monitor Service: a first test with logical apps

Last week, Microsoft released its newest feature: Azure monitor. This new platform service provides monitoring for single Azure resources and can visualize, query, route, archive, and take action on the metrics and logs coming from those resources. Working in an enterprise environment, I am curious to explore how this feature provides an added value to cloud integration. In this post, I’d therefore would like to point out some interesting properties! Personally, I’ll mainly use Logical apps to investigate Azure Monitor, but those technics are, of course, applicable to other Azure resources as well.

Tempdb Tweaking: Best Practices to Improve SQL Server Performance

The tempdb system database is a global resource that is part of the system database and available to all connected users in SQL Server. As such, the tempdb can be seen as the worksheet of SQL server. Any improvement to the system will automatically effect all your custom databases. It is therefore highly recommended to fine-tune the tempdb configuration as much as you can. In this blog post, I’d like to highlight some interesting ways or best practices on how to increase its performance!